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Beware! Storm Chasers Are NOT Just Chasing Storms

Who wouldn’t want a new roof, for free? Sounds like a great deal right? Free roof, sure! But what about if something goes wrong and you need to take advantage of that warranty they sold you? It can happen to anyone, a bad storm has just come through, you need some work on your roof and someone knocks on your door. They offer to do an estimate, contact your insurance and get it all taken care of for you. Sounds great right?

While it is safe to say that most contractors and adjusters are honest, it is just important to know the signs of a storm chaser or traveling salesman, and the signs of fraud. Plan to acquire several bids, they should include all costs, what work will be done, a schedule of what to expect, and guarantees. However, don’t just accept the lowest bid because it’s the lowest. Lowball bids such as “hail damage special” and “limited time offers” could be fraudulent.

It is also dangerous going with a company you haven’t heard of and isn’t local. They may do a great job on the repairs, or they may not – however if something does go wrong down the road, where are they?

It is much safer and much smarter to go with a local company. Unlimited Roofing is here to help you. We have over 17 years of experience and are locally owned and operated. We will be here if you need us anytime, not just after a storm.

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